Armageddon hungry: top chefs on the breakfast they'd want to begin their last day on earth


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What with the apocalypse later today we may, all of us, have eaten our last breakfast. So we asked some of the UK's best culinary types for their advice on the perfect Armageddon breakfast, setting you up not only for the rest of the day, but for the end of days. Here's what they said:

Jacob Kenedy, chef, Bocca di Lupo & Gelupo

So I would eat what I normally do - Greek yoghurt with blueberries, walnuts and honey; or scrambled duck eggs and smoked salmon; or yesterday's curry with freshly home-made parathas; or a chicken sandwich with horseradish and lettuce on brown bread and carrot juice; or leftover chow mein and cold sweet and sour; or brioche with gelato and coffee. My normal breakfast. The world could end any day, so treat each as though it might be your last. It just might be...

Anna Hansen, chef, The Modern Pantry

"I would have to eat ALL of my favourite breakfasts altogether - and they would have to be made by my favourite people... First I would have the ricotta pancakes with bacon, maple syrup & poached feijoa. Then chorizo with plantain fritters and poached eggs.  Then huevos rancheros made by my friend Roz Batty, and the Danish Bloody Mary from Saxon & Parole NYC (secret recipe with homemade tomato juice, Aquavit and an oyster).  Oh, and I will also need to have buttered vegemite toast,  Of course."

David Muniz, baker, Outsider Tarts

"I'd want to start with beignets totally with powdered sugar - A New Orleans classic!  Then I'd have mustard sausage, crispy bacon, grits with a big ol' blob of butter, scrambled AND fried eggs (over easy please), and a large stack (ideally five or more) of fluffy buttermilk pancakes with blueberries baked in them, and a big dollop of butter and maple syrup.  Last but not least, a piece of chicken fried steak and a buttermilk biscuit with white sauce - then I'd die happy.”

"I assume however I die, I'll be eating."

James Ramsden, food writer and author of Small Adventures in Cooking

I'd have to make some poached eggs for the missus as she won't do without them, but I'd rather go for something Vietnamese - banh xeo, perhaps, those irreproachable crispy pancakes (so much better than any flabby and over-sweetened American equivalent), followed by a big bowl of bun bo, all washed down with Biere Larue. I reckon I'd be able to face the horsemen after that.

Richard Corrigan, chef, Bentley's Sea Grill at Harrods

I would start breakfast with a platter of Native oysters from Kelly’s in Galway. Then I’d  wash it  down with some Champagne. Followed by game sausages, black pudding, a coddled egg, and some toasted soda bread with hand-churned butter.

Mark Sargeant, chef,  Rocksalt

"It has to be a Full English.  You can't go wrong with it, and I'd be very happy for my last meal on earth to be a proper English one - with great quality local meat, eggs, bread - the works."

Stephen Tonkin, chef, Dean Street Townhouse, Cafe Boheme, BKB, Hoxton Grill

I'd start with Dom Perignon champagne and then go buffet style. Foreman smoked salmon, Ballindaloch rib steak Mackens Sausages, Ramseys bacon, Stornaway black pudding, Burford Brown scrambled eggs, and grilled portobello mushrooms. Then  fresh strawberries, raspberries and pink grapefruit juice. and  plenty of English breakfast tea.

Giorgio Locatelli, chef,  Locanda Locatelli

I know it's boring but I'd stick with my usual breakfast of Dorset Cereals muesli with yoghurt and bananas

Andre Garrett, chef, Galvin at Windows

“It would have to be beautifully done scrambled eggs with a LOT of double cream, wild mushrooms, Iberico sausages and a glass (or three) of Galvin Champagne”