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Rugby: A Player's Guide to the Laws
By Derek Robinson
Collins Willow, £6.99
Have you ever wondered what exactly is the 10-metre offside law, how high exactly is a high tackle, or when is a knock-on allowable? Well, look no further than this handbook, written by experienced referee Derek Robinson. An entertaining, easy-to-read guide, it explains all the intricacies of the modern union game, from penalty kicks and foul play to mauls.

Jeremy Clarkson – Top 100 Cars
Video Collection Int. Ltd, £14.99
The inimitable Mr Clarkson presents his all-time bests. There are some surprises, including the Ford Transit van and the Peugeot 504 Estate. Clarkson also sets out to find the 10 worst, the ultimate loser being smashed up and destroyed. There are screaming tyres, power slides – all in all, a treat for petrolheads and boy racers everywhere.