As seen at... 10th Anniversary Rainbow Ball; Dorchester Hotel 16 November 1996

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The Independent attended the10th Anniversary Rainbow Ball in aid of terminally ill children and their families. The Dorchester Hotel provided an elegant backdrop as the stylish set did their bit for charity.

z John Sessions 43, comedian. This suit is Ermenegildo Zegna. I've been wearing Paul Smith for years, usually I like to be loyal to him.

c Monica Colussi 28

Works for a designer shop. The tuxedo is by Dolce e Gabbana.

x Brian May. I'm a fashion disaster, you are asking the wrong person.

zAlaistair George 34, solicitor. I always wear a kilt on formal occasions.

Jack Graton 33, company director. I'm wearing Macbeth tartan. I'm English, but I used to go out with a Scottish girl so I figured it would be OK to wear it.

c Peter Stringfellow 32 (said with a smile), 56 (realistically). Charismatic show person (club owner). I'm pure Versace top to bottom - I don't like it when he gets too flashy - I have a black and white cow jacket of his which I love.

Helen Benison 17, club singer. This dress was made for me by an American designer in Miami. It's not what I usually wear, I usually favour see- through plastic.

zClaire Driver 33, dentist. I thought I'd wear cream, it's high street, Monsoon. I usually wear M&S but not for balls.

vDiana Wolfson 36, importer. This dress is by Donna Karan. I like to wear designer clothes like Escada or Prada.

Philip Brisebois 51, executive film producer. This shirt and tie are from William Hunt on Neal Street - I always like something with an edge, partly because I'm ex-fashion business.

Mary Petrie 32, publisher of children's books. I'm wearing a 1920s vintage dress from the Chenil Galleries on the King's Road, I spied it and thought "that's brilliant".