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1. Ema Kitagnchi, 21


I like the store it's much better than before, much more fashionable! I've bought a dress from No Such Soul. I love clothes I spend about pounds 300 per month on them and I don't mind what label I wear. I have lots of favourite shops but I like it here.

2. Michelle Manning, 20, Student

The store's very classy, I like it a lot. I used to go to Hyper Hyper and it was like an upmarket market, here everything is laid out well and it's bright, it's much easier to see the clothes. I've just seen a really nice skirt and basque that I'm going to buy for clubbing. I usually buy day-wear at Morgan or French Connection but in the evening I prefer to wear stuff from Wit and Wisdom and Sub Couture. I spend a lot on clothes, about pounds 300 to pounds 400 per month, because I'm a dancer in a club so I need the clothes for work.

3. Gemma Donallen25, not working

I think the shop's really cool, I like everything I've seen and I would spend a lot of money in here if I had any! I liked the old Hyper Hyper too, it had a lot of atmosphere. I usually buy stuff from shops in Oxford Street but I also go to a lot of markets.

4. Susanna Markillie 15, Student

I like the store, I can look at things without getting hot and flustered and you don't have to fight for space. The old place had character but it was too small and dark. I've just bought a pair of boots from Atticus and I'm going to buy this tiger print dress. I buy things from Kensington Market, Diesel and Chippie. These trousers are from Carnaby Street, my top is from Oasis, this cardigan is from River Island and my trainers are Chevignon.

5. Amabile Passan (right) 46, Dress Designer

I think the store is very nice but also very young. There is nothing here for me really, none of the clothes are practical enough although I'm sure it will look lovely on young girls. I couldn't say how much money I spend on clothes because I go for months without buying anything.

Dina Soppelsa

Antique Dealer, 45

I like the interior of the shop, the old one was nice too but you have to move on and change things, I don't like the music but that's my age! This department, Two Guys, has a very different look from everything else I have seen, I would buy. some of this. A lot of the other departments have too much in common with each other.

6. Laura Beavis

17, Student

It's a good improvement, much better then the other place. I'm going to buy this dress from Hunters and Gatherers.

7. Tamara Uzeirouse (left)

16, Student

I spend all the money I have on clothes. This jacket's from Naff Naff. The top is from Custard and my jeans Are Carrhart.

Iana Mur (centre)

16, Student

I spend about pounds 100 a month on clothes, a lot of them from skate labels. I've seen a short, black lacy dress in Sub Couture I want to buy.

Chloe LeCash (right)

16, Student

It's very trendy and hip! I'd buy loads of things in here but I don't have the money. I spend about pounds 70 per month on clothes.

Hyper Hyper reopened as the new improved Hype DF (Designer Forum) this week on Kensington High Street, London W8.

Interviews by Abigail Rayner

Photographs by Ben Elwes