Best maid of honor speech? Sister of bride Jennifer Gabrielli raps a toast to Eminem's 'Without Me'

Dressed in converse, hoodie and bridesmaid dress, Jennifer Gabrielli personalised lyrics for wedding

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Just when you thought the novelty wedding speech had had its day, Jennifer Gabrielli raps a personalised version of an Eminem hit... and somebody filmed it.

"There's going to be a lot of toasting, so get your glasses ready," she tells guests at the resort wedding in Carlsbad, California, before rapping along to a backing track.

With impressive delivery, the 24-year-old raps lines including "Two lovers in love walk down the aisle, down the aisle, down the aisle," and: "Guess who's here to get wed, Nicole and Blake, so clap your hands."

Speaking later to ABC News, she said: “All I intended to do was to write about stuff that matters to us.”

“Towards the end I say, ‘I love you bigger than the sky,’ that’s something my parents and sister and I always say to each other.”