Boxing Day tsunami: Commemorations held to mark 10 years since disaster

Around 230,000 people were killed in the disaster a decade ago

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Mourners are paying tribute to loved ones killed in the Boxing Day tsunami 10 years ago today.

The tragedy claimed the lives of around 230,000 people when it swept along the Indian Ocean’s shoreline, hitting 14 countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Somalia.

The worst affected nation was Indonesia which suffered the most fatalities and damage from the natural disaster.


The tsunami was caused by a 9.1 earthquake and is one of the largest in recent times.

A series of commemoration events will be held across the Indo-Pacific region over the coming days.

Around 7,000 people gathered in Banda Aceh, Indonesia yesterday to remember friends and relatives who perished in the disaster, while prayers and ceremonies were held at mass graves in other countries.

Family members from around the world have also arrived in South East Asia to pay tribute to the thousands of the holiday makers who died.