Brashear says McSorley should be banned from NHL

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Donald Brashear says Marty McSorley should never be allowed to play in the NHL again for the stick attack that gave the Vancouver forward a serious concussion in Vancouver, British Columbia.

"He really tried to injure me," Brashear told the NHL Players' Association TV show "Be A Player," which aired in Canada on Friday.

"I could have died. I don't think this guy should be playing in the league anymore," he said in his first extensive remarks on the February 21 attack by the Boston Bruins defenseman.

McSorley was suspended by the NHL for the rest of the season and playoffs, the harshest punishment ever handed out for an on-ice infraction.

"I mean, how bad does it have to get? ... I don't think the decision is good," Brashear said.

In addition to his suspension, McSorley was charged by police with assault with a weapon.

Brashear said tensions had been building between the two players during the game.

"We had a few tilts and I think most of the time I got the best of him," Brashear said.

"There were a few other things. You try to make a team lose its focus, so I was in front of their bench bugging them," he said. "All these things probably built up, but I still don't understand what happened or why he hit me like that."