Chocolate terracotta warriors set for Taiwan

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An exhibition featuring chocolate replicas of China's famous terracotta warriors is to move to Taiwan in July, organisers said Wednesday.

Taipei will host the "Chocolate Wonderland" show, which opened in Beijing in January and drew around half a million visitors, said organiser Annie Sun.

"We received a lot of invitations to come to Taipei while exhibiting in Beijing. We're confident the show will have an appeal here where chocolate is very popular," Sun, of art management company Artsource Corp, told AFP.

The Taipei exhibition is expected to feature 500 lifesize replicas of the terracotta warriors from the first Chinese emperor's tomb, alongside other artworks made from chocolate, she said.

Apple Daily newspaper said the show, which will use a massive 80 tonnes of chocolate, may also include a miniature version of Taipei 101, the city's landmark building.

The exhibition in Beijing's Bird's Nest stadium also featured a section of the Great Wall, but organisers are yet to decide whether to include it in the Taipei show because of its size.