City of Light promotes Paris By Night

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Fearful of seeing Paris fading on the night sky, Paris town hall on Wednesday launched a major campaign to promote the city's night life, including a first-ever website and a free guide.

With hot-spots such as Barcelona, Berlin and Brussels increasingly popular for their night life circuit, city authorities are offering clubbers and the like, listing some 300 bars, restaurants, discotheques and concert halls in English and French.

"Paris loves the night, life doesn't stop at 8 pm," said Jean-Bernard Bros, who is in charge of tourism at Paris city hall. "You keep hearing that Paris is not as trendy as it once was and that partying is better in other European capitals."

"But Paris nights are part of our cultural heritage and our economy," he said.

The website lists establishments by genre, with times, maps, and even the "dress code." A pocket-size guidebook meanwhile will be printed in 100,000 copies for free handout to some of the city's 30 million visitors per year.

Night life professionals have been complaining that tighter policing of noise pollution as well as new anti-smoking restrictions have harmed night life in the city.