Classic sports shoes meet classic cartoons

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Sports giant Adidas have joined forces with Disney to produce their next range of footwear, apparel and sporting accessories that feature well-known Disney characters, this time featuring the faces of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, and Goofy.

Adidas and Disney had previously worked together on Disney-themed sportswear, notably in 1983 when Goofy appeared on a selection of shoes and jackets, as well as in 2006 with another retro-referencing child-friendly shoe that came with a range of soft pens intended to allow owners to color in their pair of sneakers.

This time, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the collection's main characters, which includes t-shirts, bags, caps and socks. Adidas have said that the Spring/Summer range should hit retail towards the end of December 2009 or at the start of January 2010, with prices ranging from €10 (~$15) for an infant's t-shirt up to €55 (~$80) for a pair of Mickey or Minnie sports shoes.