Coming up in Vienna : Mahler celebrations, Picasso

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2010 and 2011 are Gustav Mahler years in Vienna with many events being held since the city is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the famous Austrian composer's birth this year and will mark the centenary of his death next year, but on the music agenda, Vienna also offers an international jazz festival. The Austrian capital will also host three major art exhibitions this year focusing on works by Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Michelangelo.

Often described as the forerunner of modern music, Gustav Mahler (July 7, 1860- May 18,1911)'s career was anchored in Vienna, where he studied at the city's Conservatoire and later worked as the Vienna Opera artistic director for 10 years, before moving to New York's Met Opera. To honor the composer's body of work, the Austrian Theater Museum is organizing an exhibition entitled Gustav Mahler and Vienna from March on. Moreover, dozens of Mahler concerts will be held all year long, some recitals will even be performed on Mahler's piano at the Imperial Palace in May.
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Known throughout the world for its traditional balls (ongoing until February 15) and its multiple operas, Vienna also hosts modern music events with a major European jazz festival between May 30 and July 9 this year, as well as Wien Modern, a festival in November focusing on 20th century contemporary music creations. Meanwhile design-seeking visitors flock to Vienna Design Week in October. In 2009, the event hosted 80 events throughout 50 locations in in town.

On the arts agenda, autumn in Vienna will present an impressive lineup of pictorial arts masters with a retrospective of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo at Bank Austria Kunstforum opening on September 1, followed on September 22 by a Pablo Picasso exhibit Peace and Freedom (currently on view in Liverpool) and a Michelangelo drawings survey from October 8. The Spanish and Italian masters will both be exhibited at the Albertina Museum (