Countdown Shanghai: Germany’s Expo pavilion finds just the right balance

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Organizers of the German contribution to this year's World Expo in Shanghai say they want to reflect the need in modern times for people - and for cities - to find the right balance.

And that's why the German Pavilion ( at this year's World Expo in Shanghai has been christened "Balancity.''

Spread out over almost 6,000 square meters and coming at a cost of some 30 million euros, the Germans are hoping to attract more than 40,000 people a day to their pavilion at the Expo running May 1 to October 31 - lured by the chance to get an insight into what daily life is like in their nation.

The German Pavilion spreads out over 13 rooms, and visitors can travel via moving walkways, escalators or by foot. And along the way, they will be guided by the story of Jens and Yan Yan - two college friends who are also exploring the country together.

"Germany has several strong aspects,'' the pavilion's Fabian Schludi told Relaxnews. "It is a country well-known for the quality of its products and the 'Made in Germany' trademark, but also for its lifestyle, varied landscapes and cosmopolitan people. All these aspects are well presented in the 13 different rooms of 'Balancity'.''

Art will also feature prominently, beginning with displays from Berlin-based street artist EVOL and later including the world of internationally acclaimed artists Tom Fleischhauer, Sebastian Schrader and Jürgen Chill.

"The German Pavilion also presents rooms where you can see German high-quality products, German sustainable architecture and numerous presentations of the rich German culture and zones where the visitor can simply feel and experience the atmosphere of Germany with all five senses,'' said Schludi.

"The overall concept of the German Pavilion is to present ideas for a city in balance: a balance between renewal and preservation, innovation and tradition, urbanity and nature, community and individual development and work and leisure. That's the message and the unique reflection of Germany's modern culture and society.''

The German Pavilion will host daily "live performances and dance relating to urbanity, popular music and youth culture.''

"The World Expo is and has always been a huge opportunity for scores of countries, organizations and regions to meet, share ideas and come to intercultural exchange,'' said Schludi.

"Technological inventions and cultural goods can be compared and shared. In a fast globalizing world it is important to not only interchange digitally in the World Wide Web but to see and experience the wide variety of aspects of different regions or countries with all five senses.

"In reality it can also be an attractive possibility for the visitors to travel to numerous countries and regions within the space of some square kilometers.''