Countdown Shanghai: Singapore’s World Expo pavilion reflects cultural diversity

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Singapore's pride in being a multicultural melting pot is what the designers opted for when putting together the city-state's contribution to World Expo 2010.

And so the 3,000 square-meter Singapore Pavilion ( will first take visitors on a tour of the city, from its famous restaurants, through to its parks and gardens. But most of all, organizers are hoping, visitors will be able to feel exactly how life is lived, Singapore-style.

"The Singapore Pavilion theme 'Urban Symphony' emphasizes Singapore's harmony and progress,'' Leong See Kay, director of World Expo 2010, Singapore Tourism Board, told Relaxnews this week.

"It showcases Singapore's transformation into a model global city that combines sustainability and innovation amidst urban vibrancy.''

And in the midst of that is the city's unique ethnic blend, a rich mix of all that is eastern and western.

"The design of the Singapore Pavilion is inspired by Singapore's unique multiculturalism and is designed to resemble a music box where only four columns of different sizes support its structural system and floors above, symbolizing Singapore's races living, working and playing in harmony,'' said Ms Leong.

The three floors of the Singapore Pavilion will highlight three different facets of life in Asia's "Lion City,'' from the ''urban living environment'' created on the ground floor, through an "Experimental Theatre'' on the second floor to the "Garden City'' on the roof.

And, being Singapore, there will be food - four ethnic food zones (Chinatown, Malay Village, Little India & Peranakan Street) will give visitors a taste of the city's famous cuisine.

"Visitors can expect a multi-sensory and interactive experience at the Singapore Pavilion,'' said Ms Leong.

Singapore's tourism board also hopes to further foster historic ties between the city and China.

"Singapore's participation in the Shanghai World Expo is the biggest thus far, signifying the strong and close bilateral relationship with China, as well as the importance of China as a key source market for tourism for Singapore,'' said Ms Leong.

The Shanghai World Expo hwill run from May 1 to October 31 and is expected to attract around 70 million visitors.