Dubai to host Beach Soccer World Cup this November

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This year's Beach Soccer World Cup kicks off on November 16th at the Jumeirah open beach in Dubai. When European stadiums are covered in frost, Dubai experiences average temperatures between 20 and 30°C (68-87°F) during this time, accompanied by wonderfully warm evenings making it an ideal destination for an early winter break.

Beach soccer matches are relatively high scoring games when compared to association football, and combined with the inviting weather conditions and tourist opportunities make Dubai an attractive prospect this November.

Top footballing countries have teams travelling to the finals. Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Italy, Nigeria and the Ivory Coast are through to the group stages and join Brazil and Uraguay who are seemingly ever-presents at the finals. Brazil have now won 12 of the previous 14 tournaments

Various football related activities are also planned to take place in shopping centers around the United Arab Emirates in celebration of the Cup, including tabletop football tournaments and penalty shootout competitions.

Although the event was hosted by Brazil until 2007, since then FIFA have opted to share hosting duties amongst other nations, both reflecting and encouraging the increased popularity of beach soccer worldwide.

The Beach Soccer finals are not the only international football tournament hosted by the UAE in 2009, as the Club World Cup is due to take place in Abu Dhabi in December. Regional champions Barcelona, Estudiantes, Atlante, Al-Ahli and Auckland City have already booked their places and will be joinied by five other continental champions at the time.

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2009: November 16-22, Dubai, UAE.
FIFA Club World Cup: December 9-19, Abu Dhabi, UAE.