Ed Miliband: 'It’s always a good idea not to read the newspapers'


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Ed Miliband doesn’t read British papers, has a “decidedly mixed record” with Twitter and on the whole prefers American political news.

In a frank interview, the Labour leader admitted that he tries to ignore the latest news from Westminster – instead relying on aides to brief him.

He doesn’t get newspapers delivered to his home and – unlike most politicians – doesn’t turn the television screen in his Westminster office on to rolling news channels.

Instead, he claims, he is focused on the “main prize” of winning the next election – by fighting a long-term game.

“It’s always a good idea not to read the newspapers,” he told Buzzfeed.

“I don’t read much British news. You get a lot of advice in the newspapers about what you should do. It’s much more important to follow your own path and stick to your own path. I’ve made that a rule in the last three and a half years.”

Mr Miliband said his favourite news website was RealClearPolitics, an American site that aggregates political news stories.

And he said he tries not to use Twitter too much, saying he’s had a “decidedly mixed record” on the service, perhaps alluding to the time that he (or a member of his staff) accidentally paid tribute to Bob Holness as the host of "Blackbusters".

Mr Miliband also blamed the press for reports – attributed to Labour figures - that he is seen by the public as "weird".

“The press people who don’t like us have been saying that for some time,” he said.

“It comes with the territory. I think the heart of this is people think we are in a position to win the election and there are some people who don’t want us to win this election.”

Mr Miliband said he doesn’t expect he’ll be able to take a proper holiday between now and the election and said his main diversion from politics and family was American baseball.