ESPN backs 3D TV with sports channel for June 2010

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Sports broadcaster ESPN have proclaimed their support for the emerging technology of 3D television by announcing a special 3D channel, due to go live on June 11, 2010.

That's the date that the 2010 FIFA World Cup starts and those lucky enough to have the relevant subscription and a TV capable of displaying 3D images will have a chance to see the hosts South Africa take on fellow hopefuls Mexico as never before.

Though many consumers are still to switch to all-digital High Definition TV, ESPN are putting their considerable weight behind the push for widespread 3D TV. They join the growing roster of manufacturers, broadcasters, and entertainment companies encouraging consumers to grasp 3D technology when they upgrade their existing TV sets.

3D cinema has become increasingly common, boosted by the success of family friendly animations Bolt, Coraline, and Up in the second half of 2009.

Even before that, the Consumer Electronics Association was predicting a surge in interest over 3D TV, using a February 2009 report to predict that greater exposure to 3D entertainment will only lead to increased consumer interest in bringing that technology into the home.

Technology giant Sony used a September press conference to pledge support for 3D TV and made public its stated aim of making 3D TV a mainstream consumer purchase option.

Director James Cameron's December blockbuster Avatar was entirely in 3D and Ubisoft incorporated 3D technology into the videogame version of the film, believing that enough people will purchase 3D TVs in the coming months to make such an investment worthwhile.

Now with ESPN on the bandwagon and promising American college basketball, football, the FIFA World Cup and of course the network's very own extreme sports event the X Games, it looks like 3D TV is well on its way to the marketplace.