Events in the International Gravity Sports Association World Cup 2010

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The IGSA is the sanctioning body for gravity racing, a grouping of downhill speed sports that comprise downhill skateboarding, classic and street luge, downhill in-line skating, in-line boarding (a two-wheeled skateboard with rugged BMX-style wheels), and the gravity bike (a modified BMX). The following eight tournaments start in June and culminate in South Africa's Hot Heels races in December.

Maryhill Festival of Speed
June 30 - July 4
Goldendale, Washington, USA

Almabtrieb Downhill
July 15-18
Hungerzell, Germany

The Graveyard Call
July 23-25
Argonnay, France

Padova Grand Prix
July 30 - August 1
Teolo, Italy

Kozakov Challenge
August 13-15
Kozakov, Czech Republic

Eastbourne SpeedDays
August 20-22
Eastbourne, England

Newton's Playground
October 29-31
Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia

Malarrara Pro Teutonia
November 12-14
Teutonia, Brazil

Hot Heels Africa, the World Cup Series Finals
December 3-5
Kogelburg, South Africa