Football: World Cup 2010 schedule - Sched

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Schedule for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa from June 11-July 11 following Friday's draw here (all times GMT):

First round:


Friday 11 June

Match N.1: Johannesburg/Soccer City (1400), South Africa v Mexico

Match N.2: Cape Town (1830), Uruguay v France

Wednesday 16 June

Match N.17: Pretoria (1830), South Africa v Uruguay

Thursday 17 June

Match N.18: Polokwane (1130), France v Mexico

Tuesday 22 June

Match N.34: Bloemfontein (1400), France v South Africa

Match N.33: Rustenburg (1400), Mexico v Uruguay


Saturday 12 June

Match N.3: Johannesburg/Ellis Park (1130), Argentina v Nigeria

Match N.4: Port Elizabeth (1400), South Korea v Greece

Thursday 17 June

Match N.19: Bloemfontein (1400), Greece v Nigeria

Match N.20: Johannesburg/Soccer City (1830), Argentina v South Korea

Tuesday 22 June

Match N.35: Durban (1830), Nigeria v South Korea

Match N.36: Polokwane (1830), Greece v Argentina


Saturday 12 June

Match N.5: Rustenburg (1830), England v United States

Sunday 13 June

Match N.6: Polokwane (1130), Algeria v Slovenia

Friday 18 June

Match N.22: Johannesburg/Ellis Park (1400), Slovenia v United States

Match N.23: Cape Town (1830), England v Algeria

Wednesday 23 June

Match N.38: Pretoria (1400), United States v Algeria

Match N.37: Port Elizabeth (1400), Slovenia v England


Sunday 13 June

Match N.7: Durban (1400), Germany v Australia

Match N.8: Pretoria (1830), Serbia v Ghana

Friday 18 June

Match N.21: Port Elizabeth (1130), Germany v Serbia

Saturday 19 June

Match N.24: Rustenburg (1130), Ghana v Australia

Wednesday 23 June

Match N.40: Nelspruit (1830), Australia v Serbia

Match N.39: Johannesburg/Soccer City (1830), Ghana v Germany


Monday 14 June

Match N.9: Johannesburg/Soccer City (1130), Netherlands v Denmark

Match N.10: Bloemfontein (1400), Japan v Cameroon

Saturday 19 June

Match N.25: Durban (1400), Netherlands v Japan

Match N.26: Pretoria (1830), Cameroon v Denmark