From rags to beaches

Where does the fashion world go on holiday? A mountain inn on Mount Fuji, a trek in Ethiopia ... Belinda Morris asked those who haven't yet taken flight to name the spot
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Betty Jackson

Because her husband is French, Betty and her family spend every holiday - Easter, summer and Christmas - at their house in Marseille in France.

Sonja Nuttall

"The place that I would like to call my second home is actually a beautiful private house, up in the hills of Florence, which is one of my favourite places in the world. In my dreams I would be in a rainforest in China, finding myself. Another place I love is Greece, but I wouldn't enjoy the holiday if it was luxurious - I'd just put something on my back and go - take whatever comes."

Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro (above)

"The main criteria for our holidays is simple, we have to go with friends. Our past few holidays have been completely organised for us, which is great. We don't want to go on taxing holidays, we'd rather go to somewhere beautiful, comfortable and charming. We used to travel a lot and visit places like Bangkok and see hundreds of temples a day, but now we like to go to places which require less effort. This Christmas we are going to the Alps where some close friends have rented a chalet. But our favourite holiday was Mexico, where we stayed in a sleepy village in the hills called San Miguel."

Donna Karan

Donna doesn't have a favourite place because every year she likes to have a new experience and goes to different places.

Paul Smith

"In the spring and autumn I normally like to have a refresher holiday, when I go somewhere like Thailand or the Caribbean, places where you are guaranteed sunshine at that time of year. I stay somewhere like the Amanpuri Hotel in Phuket, the K Club in Barbuda or the Harbour Island Hotel in Antigua (owned by Chris Blackwell of Island Records). For my main holiday in the summer I like to go to my house in Tuscany. The thing that makes all these places special is the amount of privacy you get. Peace and quiet is essential to a lifestyle like mine."

Alexander McQueen Alexander has not yet succumbed to the lure of the Caribbean and this year, immediately after his couture show, went up to Pennan, near Fraserburgh on Scotland's east coast. The reason for his choice - total isolation.

Jeff Griffin "I usually end up on holiday in the Far East, where my wife Karina and I work on the next collection while sitting on the beach. I actually have two favourite hotels, both in Japan - one is a traditional Japanese inn, near Mount Fuji, where older people go to take the spa waters. You sleep on futons, which roll up during the day, and use the room as a living space, where your food is served. The other is Hilton Osaka for the ultimate power trip as you look across the city from the 50th floor. I also love Raffles in Singapore for the history and the fact it's so civilised and you can dress up to eat in the Tiffin Room."

Ally Capellino

"I really don't go to swishy places, I'm more of a pound a night, sleep on the beach sort of person. I recently stayed at the Villa Maroc in Morocco and was horrified to see Harvey Nichols bags in the reception - I want to get away from all that when I'm on holiday. Last year I went trekking in Ethiopia, which was definitely a pound a night trip, including the shower-sharing and cockroaches. I like a bit of true grit when I'm away."