Gawkk's most popular sports videos of the week

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The most popular sports videos on aggregation site Gawkk this week include an excruciatingly powerful kick to the groin in the name of sports science, two incredible unsighted basketball shots, a world-record base jumping attempt from the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, and a great-grandmother's birthday para-glide.

The top 10 most popular sports videos on Wednesday February 3 at 10:00 GMT

1) World Record Kick to the Groin on Sports Science - Total views: 10,547
Kirby Roy, a martial arts expert, takes a powerful kick to the groin from 6ft8in muscle machine Jesse "Justice" Smith. "That was a very strong, direct kick", says Kirby in a relaxed chat after the 22mph, 1,100lbs force kick is delivered, "the impact of it was tremendous". The Fox Sports Science program explains how decades of training helped Kirby prepare, while the moment of impact is replayed 50 times during the 5m35s clip.

2) Reporter Makes Backwards Half Court Shot - Total views: 673,037
A TV journalist reports on a high school sports coach who sank a half-court shot blindfolded (see video 4). As part of the lead-in to the original clip, he hurls a basketball, backwards, towards the net. Hear his colleagues gasp as it goes in.

3) Uproar Escalates Over Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad Featuring Tim Tebow - Total views: undisclosed
Sourced from the Fox network, talk show host Bill O'Reilly discusses a commercial due to air during the XLIV Super Bowl that highlights abortion issues. CBS approved the commercial despite its controversial nature and their previous policy of refusing such content.
Source: Breitbart TV

4) Blindfolded Half Court Shot Prank Fails - Total views: 269,687
Students at Kansas' Olathe Northwest High School emulate a famous prank from the College Humor's Prank Wars series ("Prank Wars 7 - The Half Court Shot"), blindfolding their coach and science teacher Joel Branstrom and telling him he'd get tickets to the NCAA finals if he made the shot. They were planning to cheer, making him think he'd made the shot - but then he really did it.

5) Colts Top Jets for Super Bowl Berth - Total views: 2,095
A news recap summarising the Indianapolis Colts' winning semi-final against the New York jets, securing themselves a place at the XLIV Super Bowl final on February 7. The colt's quarterback, Peyton Manning, threw for a total 377yards worth of successful passes, making him the first NFL player to do so in seven post-season games.

6) The World's Tallest Building Just Opened and Already People Are Jumping Off It - Total views: 194,715
Two middle-eastern champion skydivers leap from 672m (2,200 ft) up the 828 m (2,717 ft) Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, in an authorized base jumping event on January 8, four days after the building's official opening. Previously, birdman Hervé Le Gallou had jumped with a friend from slightly lower in April 2008.

7) Incredible Cockpit View of a Jet Boat Crash - Total views: 155,782
Footage from a practice run during the 2009 World Jetsprint Championship. The two-man team take their V8 boat around the short course at incredible speed, but one misjudged turn seese them hurtling out of the water and straight towards race officials.

8) Awesome Parkour Animation Using Paper - Total views: 328,819
An inspired animator shows off some Parkour techniques using an ingenious pre-planned folding technique, like a flipbook combined with video technology.

9) Granny glides through skies for birthday - Total views: undisclosed
A clip from MSNBC's Today Show, with footage of an 85 year old great-grandmother enjoying a paragliding session in celebration of her birthday. Next year, she told reporters, a bungee jump is on the cards.

10) Sports Illustrated - Tablet Demo 1.5 - Total views: 748,312
A tech company in New York called The Wonderfactory put together an iPad magazine concept for Sports Illustrated. It shows how internet and video technology could come together to make magazine reading a portable, convergent multimedia experience.