Gawkk's sports videos of the week: dancing and jumping

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The most popular sports videos on aggregation site Gawkk this week include a school teachers' dance contest that went down badly, a high jump attempt gone wrong, and Tiger Woods' first public statement following intense media scrutiny of his personal life.

The top 10 most popular Gawkk sports videos on Tuesday March 2 at 19:30 GMT

1) Teachers perform lap dance in front of students - Total views: undisclosed
Two teachers took part in a high school dance contest in a style that one student described as being "humorous at first.. . then disturbing." CBC then caught up with a school trustee for reactions.
Source: CBC News via Breitbart TV

2) Unbelievable high jump fail - Total views: undisclosed
A female amateur athlete at what appears to be a community sports day attempts the high jump - presumably for the first time. As the video's caption states "she fails so hard that the judges gave her a negative height score."

3) Tiger Woods makes first public statement about scandal - Total views: undisclosed
Fresh from an intense period of counselling, world famous champion golfing prodigy Tiger Woods makes a public apology concerning the scandal surrounding himself and his wife after allegations were made about marital infidelities.
Source: CNN via Breitbart TV

4) Man climbs building with vacuum-powered suction cup - Total views: undisclosed
British aeronautics graduate, film special effects whiz, and presenter of the BBC's Bang Goes The Theory, Jem Stansfield took apart two vacuum cleaners and re-engineered them into wall-climbing suction pumps. Here, ABC news discusses the time that Jem climbed the BBC's 120ft White City building in London.
Source: Yahoo! Video

5) How to walk on water - Total views: 54,098
The New Scientist magazine looks back at their 2003 attempt to win the Water walking Competition at Edinburgh's Royal Commonwealth Pool. The video then looks at how other animals manage to walk on water, from insects known as water striders, to basilisk lizards and birds called storm-petrels.
Source: YouTube

6) Avalanche backpack survival system - Total views: 15,185
A short video explaining a potential life-saver for skiers trapped in avalanches. Inflatable backpacks add volume to the skier, allowing them to float to the surface of a snowfall, as explained by The New Scientist magazine.
Source: YouTube

7) Hockey fan's marriage proposal fail - Total Views: undisclosed
An ice hockey fan proposes via the New York Rangers' big-screen, but his girlfriend walks out of the stadium in disgust. The episode is now thought to have been a staged hoax.
Source: Break

8) Secret Super Bowl Ad Featuring Letterman, Leno & Oprah - Total views: 762,366
The half-time commercial for David Letterman's late night talk show that broadcast during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7. Letterman supports the Indianapolis Colts, one of the competition's finalists, and had previously appeared in a commercial during the 2007 Super Bowl, again with Oprah Winfrey.
Source: via Breitbart TV

9) Passenger high on pot "messed with wrong flight attendant" - Total Views: undisclosed
A flight attendant talks about using her black belt taekwondo training to restrain a passenger who was reacting to the the adverse effects of his medicinal marijuana.
Source: NBC San Diego via Breitbart TV

10) Russian men jump from five-story roof into snow drifts - Total views: 217,876
The TV network Russia Today obtained this candid footage of a couple of men in snow-covered Magadan on the east coast of Russia. The police, however, were not impressed by their homebrew version of base jumping.
Source: YouTube via Breitbart TV