`Go Higher' - a complete guide to higher education

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Over the next seven weeks, the Independent on Sunday will publish a series of supplements in association with UCAS, helping you to make the decisions you will need to make in higher education. Each week we will concentrate on a specific area. So here's your guide to Go Higher...

How to apply

26 September 1999

It's all very well wanting a degree, but where do you start? How to choose the right course and establishment, and how to fill in the UCAS form.


3 October 1999

Student life isn't a cushy number any more. What life as a student will cost, and how to survive on a limited budget.

Student survival kit

10 October 1999

You won't just get an academic education at college. You'll grow up quickly and face new, sometimes daunting, problems. The skills you will need to keep body and soul together for three or more years.

Study skills

17 October 1999

You won't be going anywhere if you don't put in the work and make the grade. How to obtain the skills of study and revision that you will need in order to secure your place in higher education.

Gap years

24 October 1999

Why go headfirst in to a degree course? Why not make a detour to weird and wonderful countries, or make yourself useful doing voluntary work. The benefits of taking a year off before starting your course.

Mature students

31 October 1999

Not only is there greater diversity in the universities and colleges available, and the courses that they offer, but also in the students who apply. It is never too late to apply for higher education.

Graduate employment

7 November 1999

University or college years are some of the best years of your life. But where do you go with your hard-earned degree? How to apply for work after graduating and where to start.