Head to France for happy camping, suggests EU stats

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France is Europe's camping country, according to figures released June 18 by the European Union.

Official statistics showed that there are 3.7 million bed places available in campsites in France, well over double that of the next most accommodating destination, Italy.

In Italy, 1.4 million camping "beds" are available, 1.1 million in the UK, 800,000 in both Germany and Spain and 700,000 in the Netherlands, meaning that these five countries accounted for 80 percent of all bed places in Europe's 27-member bloc.

When it comes to going on holiday, Danes are the most likely to pack up the tent, with 43 percent of their nights on holiday being spent on a campsite.

Luxembourgers and the French both spent 33 percent of their nights on holiday under the stars, whille Swedes spent 31 percent.

As a European average, camping accounted for 15 percent of nights away on holiday.

The top ten best European countries for camping
Data from the European Union

1. France (3.7 million beds)
2. Italy (1.4 million beds)
3. United Kingdom (1.1 million beds)
4. Germany (839,000 beds)
5. Spain (764,000 beds)
6. Netherlands (736,000 beds)
7. Sweden (477,000 beds)
8. Norway (323,000 beds)
9. Denmark (271,000 beds)
10. Croatia (212,000 beds)