Iceland tourism boosted... by an active volcano

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Budget Icelandic carrier Iceland Express has said that business is booming, thanks to the recent eruption of the country's Fimmvorduhals volcano.

The company's CEO claims that bookings have gone up 20 percent since the volcano first blew its top on March 21, as tourists flock to see the smoke plumes from the eruption.

Fimmvorduhals, which sits between two Icelandic glaciers, was one of the most popular walking routes in Iceland. However, since the first eruption in March, tourists have been staying well back from the area, preferring instead to photograph the plumes of smoke pouring from the crevices in the pass.

Both Iceland Express and Icelandic flag-carrier Icelandair offer volcano packages to the area.

Iceland Express offers a one way flight to Reykjavík from London Gatwick, Copenhagen, Berlin or Warsaw for £79/€89, and the offer runs until April 13.

Icelandair's Volcano City Break package includes flights to Iceland, three nights accommodation and an evening trip to Fimmvorduhals from the UK from £479.