Keep it shortish and sweet

Dare to be a girly, if only for a day - or a night. That means full and flirty pastel-coloured skirts, something skimpy on top and tappity- tap shoes below. White socks, too, for those the right side of 20
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Soho studio, £34.99 Lilac and pink flowery skirt for those proud of their legs: it's fairly see-through despite the lining. The style falls somewhere between summery and twee. Also comes in coffee tones. Available from branches of John Lewis and Allders nationwide; stockist enquiries on 0171-436 6332

Jigsaw soft satin baby-pink skirt with belt, £48 Grace Kelly got away with this sort of thing way past her teens, so why can't we? Wear it with something sophisticated, a black body perhaps, to avoid looking ickle girly. Also available in baby blue. From branches of Jigsaw nationwide. Enquiries on 0181-878 8443

Oasis silver satin skirt, £34.99 A particularly wearable Fifties satin number. Try it with a twinset and flicked up hair. Or, if you want to go the whole way, ankle socks and tap shoes. From Oasis, 165 Victoria Street, London SW1 and branches nationwide. Enquiries on 0171-377 5335. Belt from Whistles, £15

Whistles satin white puffball skirt, £115 There's a good chance you'll see more of these on the sale rails than in the street. Nor, at that price, is it much good for those fancy dress summer parties ('Come as a wedding cake'). Available in knee-length and calf-length, it's hard to say which is more flattering. Also in lilac. From branches of Whistles nationwide

Adagio ballroom skirt, £17.95 The genuine article, this is made by Tunics, the company which has made skirts for the Royal Academy of Dancing for the past 40 years. It is much cheaper but not as well finished as the high-street versions, but then you'll be moving so fast, no one will notice. Available from Porselli, 9 West Street, Cambridge Circus, London WC2 (0171-836 2862)