Lingerie start up Zivame is changing the way women in India buy bras

Zivame just raised $40 million in funding

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Zivame, a Bangalore based start-up, just raised $40 million in funding. Investors in India are buying into the idea that women in India are more comfortable shopping for bras online.

Founded in late 2011, Zivame is the first online lingerie retailer in the India and has played a role in educating women about intimate wear. It claims to be selling a bra a minute.

The $40 million funding round was led by Zodius Technology Fund and Khazanah Nasional Berhad, a fund belonging to the Malaysian government, Tech Crunch reports.

The founders said will use the funding to provide an even better lingerie experience for Indian women.

“The Indian woman, who is more confident than ever before, is indulging herself in lingerie to express her individuality. Zivame is the catalyst of this change; using technology to understand her better and providing her an unsurpassed lingerie experience,” Richa Kar, Zivame Founder and CEO, said.

With mostly male staff in stores, and nothing in the way of fitting services, buying lingerie in India can be an awkward and disappointing experience for women. Zivame overcame these issues with a wide range of sizes, more than 600 lingerie style to choose from and simple guidelines to help shoppers measures themselves.


Kar said the brand’s next move is to open 100 physical stores in India's top cities for fittings, though customers will still have to order their chosen bra online. He hopes that Zivame will follow the example of Victoria’s Secret, with women requesting consultation and bra fittings for a more personal approach.

“Our experience stores are aimed at enhancing the consumer connection,” Kar told TechCrunch. “Customers can walk in and have a personalized experience to get their size, become aware of their bust shape, and know the kind of products that they could buy. We won’t be selling there, but visitors can place an order if they wish.”