Live the New Good Life with <i>The Independent</i>'s self-reliant living series

A brilliant collectable series 'The New Good Life', providing simple skills and pleasures for the credit crunch era
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From thrifty cooking to simple DIY skills, from growing your own food to taking control of your career, we're giving away a 10-part series of glossy booklets free every day with The Independent for ten days from this Saturday.

Do you worry about the future? Do you doubt your ability to provide for yourself or your family? Do you feel helpless in the face of invisible but irresistible economic forces?

If so, it’s time to fight back. All may not be well, but much is still right with the world. The collapse of the boom economy marks the end of an era whose frenzied materialism had begun to many to seem oppressive and whose passing leaves room to rediscover a simpler way of living. It also offers a chance to reclaim control of your life, by learning some of the basic life skills that previous generations took for granted.

The booklets will follow the order below:

Saturday April 25th: Thrifty Cooking - Simple kitchen skills

Sunday April 26th: Grow your own - Vegetable garden series

Monday April 27th: Making and Mending - Sewing, knitting and darning

Tuesday April 28th: DIY Basics - Essential skills

Wednesday April 29th: Painting and decorating - More DIY basics

Thursday April 30th: Plumbing and wiring - Basic maintenance skills

Friday May 1st: Financial basics – Master your money

Saturday May 2nd: Recession-proof your career – Take control of your future

Sunday May 3rd: Staying in – Making your own entertainment

Monday May 4th: Going out – Good times that don’t cost the Earth

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