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In the week Radio 1 denied there was ever a Beatles ban...

Prefects of the airwaves

The microphone adores

The Magnum-ad bonhomie

Oozing from their pores

Nerds en route to yoof shows

Schmoozing through the biz

See that cartoon, `Student Grant'?

Er... that's you, that is

"Welcome to the posse, kidz

Facts 'n' news 'n' chat

Zilcho here on Status Quo

They're old hat

We're happening, we're cracklin'

Read `NME' and `Q'

We're absolutely wacky

We don't care what we do

No honestly. We're crazy

We're really really mad

We just play what we want to

And sod you, Dad

We had a revolution

A foppish fit of pique

We didn't play The Beatles

It lasted for a week

Cos Beatles are old-fashioned

And Status Quo are square

The posse doesn't like it

And we don't care

But now we do. We love it

We have a solid hour

Now suck on Auntie's sweeties

And taste geek power"

Martin Newell