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In the week Babylon Zoo went ballistic with "Spaceman"...

ROGUE JEANS... Or Babylon Who?

A space-babe in her bra and jeans

Appears to earthlings on their screens

With eyes like blue electric coals

And fights the soundtrack for their souls.

The song and girl, as sales will vouch

Persuade Potato on his couch

That if he wants another fix

He'll buy that disc - with sped-up mix

The lurid screen and arty noise

Endears the ad to girls and boys

For what they know and what it means

Is sex sells ads sell discs sell jeans

The callow anthem's chartwards lurch

Then knocks George Michael from his perch

As Virgin's team look on and groan

With plans gone wrong and budget blown

Then Dad says, "Wot?" And Mum says, "Who?"

While Gran says, "Sounds like Fablon Sue."

But Style-Guru stokes his chin

"If Britpop's out, this might be in."

Which isn't worth a hill of beans

For what we know and what it means

Despite the music magazines

Is sex sells ads sell discs sell jeans.

Martin Newell

Martin Newell's third volume of poetry, The Illegible Bachelor,

is published by Festival Books through Password.

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