Mad dogs and T-wire wearers

The thinning ozone layer has compensations. These sporty shades for instance. They combine mean looks with high levels of eye protection and stay-on-ability for Factor 30 cool
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1. Adidas Diablo glasses, from £85

These are the newest and most radical shades to hit the market - although the first reaction to them was Bzzz Bzzz from our model, who felt like an extra from The Fly. They are suitable for strenuous summer activities such as wind-surfing and bunjee jumping because they cannot fall off your head - the arms of the glasses form a loop behind your ears. The lens coatings protect the eye from intense solar and natural UV radiation. Perfect for the ultra-sporty and image conscious - not for shrinking violets. Available from leading opticians nationwide, for your local stockist call 0181-889 9997.

2. Boots Opticians Pacific sunglasses, £69

These are standard activity glasses with a gold metal frame, and a distinct "aviator" feel. Special UV coatings protect the eye from UVA and UVB rays. They suit all face shapes and both sexes. The best thing about them is that if you wear contacts or glasses, Boots will put your prescription lenses into them. So you can look good and see where you're going at the same time. Boots can also cater for those who need bi- or varifocal lenses. From the new Pioneer range, at Boots instore opticians around the country.

3. Ray-Ban Predator 3, £75

Great for dudes with attitude, their wide shades have sex appeal and are guaranteed to get you noticed. These are part of the new Contemporary collection by Ray-Ban. They are made from tough and durable nylon and have a G15 lens which protects against UVA and UVB rays and absorbs colours, so allowing them to be seen as they really are. From from all good opticians and department stores nationwide.

4. T-Wire by Oakley, £178

The ultimate sunglasses: a fashion must for summer `95. They are made with titanium, which is incredibly lightweight, and allergy proof. The coatings on the lens allow you to look into the sun (briefly) without burning your eyes. They also have skull grips and the nose area is silicone coated, so no matter how energetic you are, they stay in place. Aside from that, they look fantastic, and suited everyone who tried them on. From Optika and David Clulow opticians nationwide. For stockists call 0171-373 5000.

5. Revo, from £150

These glasses have a more traditional shape to suit those with conservative taste. The lenses are made with layered glass which gives clear vision with no distortion. This quality is particularly useful for on-piste skiing, boating and driving, where not too much extreme activity is required.

They do, however, have a quite high "cool" rating, as the lenses are mirrored to maintain a degree of mystery. Available from Optika and David Clulow opticians nationwide. For stockists call 0171-373 5000.

6. Crystal Wrap sunglasses by Cutler & Gross, £79

Unoffically, these are known as "Bono" Wraps, because pop star Bono from U2 is never seen without a pair on. Admittedly his are matt black, but the style's the same, and that's what counts. It goes without saying that these are very happening shades. So if you want to stroll by unnoticed in these forget it. They are made to very high standards of workmanship, and can withstand a hectic jet-set lifestyle. Available from good opticians nationwide. For stockists call 0171-581 2250.

All the sunglasses featured here conform to British and American standards of UVA and UVB protection.