March 1 agenda: Chopin's 200th anniversary

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Monday's selection comprises the bicentenary of Chopin's birth, Global Ignite Week and the closure of New York's JFK airport longest runway, among other events.

Global Ignite Week
March 1- 5

In March innovative speakers and inventive minds will be sharing their ideas and creations during Global Ignite Week. The event is comprised of an unconventional series of conferences held in pubs, theaters and clubs around the world. Speakers at the events showcase new ideas in bite-sized pieces. The community-minded events are run by local event organizers who volunteer their time.


Chopin's 200th anniversary
March 1

For the bicentennial of Frederic (Fryderyk) Chopin's birth, many cities are paying tribute to one of the most well known composers of romantic music in the world with hundreds of events organized throughout 2010. Celebrations started in his native Poland in January, but concerts, exhibits and competitions will also take place this year in France, Austria, England and China among many other countries. The international appeal of the pianist and composer echoes his personal life, as he was born in a small Polish village on March 1, 1810 to a father with French origins; he lived in Warsaw as well as Vienna and Paris.


Runway 13-31 closes
March 1
JFK Airport, New York, USA

Airlines are cutting flights and preparing for potential delays following the closure of JFK's longest runway, which handles nearly a third of traffic at the already-packed airport. At 14,572 ft (4,441 meters), it is one of the longest runways in the US. It is expected to reopen June 1.