Museum of the American Indian celebrates Heritage Month

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November is National American Indian Heritage Month and the Smithsonian museums are mounting special exhibitions and gala events at the National Museum of the American Indian in both New York City and Washington DC in honor or the culture.

Opening in New York City November 21, "A Song for the Horse Nation" traces the historically central relationship between the "First Peoples" of America and horses. On display are elaborate beaded horse masks, saddle clothes and other artifacts from various tribes. Also included are the rifles of renowned Indian leaders, Geronimo and Chief Joseph.

On November 21, a demonstration of traditional Indian arts includes horsehair basket weaving and doll-making. The show, curated by Emil Her Many Horses, an Oglala Lakota Indian, runs through July 7, 2010. It moves to Washington DC in 2011 to 2013.

The American Indian Museum in Washington DC organizes the National Potluck on November 28 as a fundraiser for the museum's 20th anniversary. It occurs at the museum and in communities across the country.