National team tennis tournaments of 2010: The Davis, Fed, and Hopman Cups

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The Davis Cup, the Fed Cup, and the Hopman Cup all combine singles and doubles tennis as nations compete to see who will be crowned champion. The Davis and Fed cups are for men and women respectively, the Hopman Cup is a mixed tournament, and the World Team Cup is an eight-team invitational based on the previous year's rankings.

Hopman Cup XXII
January 2-9
Perth, Australia

Fed Cup First Round
February 6-7
Various locations: Brno in the Czech Republic, Lievin in France, Belgrade in Serbia, Kharkiv in Ukraine.

Davis Cup First Round
March 5-7
Various locations: Belgium, Coquimbo in Chile, Varazdin in Croatia, Toulon in France, Moscow in Russia, Belgrade in Serbia, Spain, Stockholm in Sweden.

Fed Cup Semifinals
April 24-25
Locations TBA following First Round

World Team Cup
May 16-22
Dusseldorf, Germany

Davis Cup Quarterfinals
July 9-11
Locations TBA following First Round

Davis Cup Semifinals
September 17-19
Locations TBA following Quarterfinal round

Fed Cup Final
November 6-7
Location TBA following Semifinal round

Davis Cup Final
December 3-5
Location TBA following Semifinal round