New card game to promote Britain's historical buildings

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Fans of historical sites in the UK are set to be able to battle it out in a game of Top Trumps, the UK's National Trust announced July 20.

Two new Top Trumps games will be released to support the work of the National Trust, which cares for some of Britain's most iconic historic houses and tourist attractions.

Top Trumps challenges players to best each other using the cards in their hand, each of which holds a different numerical value in a set of themed categories (for example, engine power or top speed in the motoring world, size or depth in the marine world).

Over 30 sites will be featured in the National Trust's £5 (€5.95) game, with categories such as acreage and the number of film and TV appearances, resident ghosts and cups of tea consumed among the winning factors.

Buildings include the 18th century hexadecagon house A La Ronde in Devon, Chedworth Roman villa (Gloucestershire) and Belfast's Crown bar, as well as the more stately Chirk Castle (Wrexham), Basildon Park (Berkshire) and Speke Hall (Merseyside).

Alan Parris, the National Trust man behind the scheme, said that the game was perfect for those travelling with children, as well as for adults interested in the historic properties featured.

Top Trumps was originally launched in Britain in 1977 and has gone on to become a global phenomenon often used to promote tourist destinations, as well as being sold in the classic movies, cars and sports teams sets.

German buyers, for instance, can purchase Top Trumps Achterbahnen, a collectable set featuring some of the country's best rollercoasters.

In the US, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums created its own deck to raise awareness of endangered species cared for in US institutions, while Top Trumps New York is sold as both a game and guide to the top 30 things to see in the Big Apple.