No rush on Stockholm hotel rooms ahead of royal wedding

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Swedish flags inundate the streets of Stockholm and local media are abuzz with wedding fever, but Crown Princess Victoria's wedding on Saturday has so far failed to fuel an expected tourist boom to the Nordic capital.

With only three days to go before Princess Victoria's marriage many city centre hotels still have vacancies.

"It's not fully-booked. It is still possible to get rooms," Ann-Charlotte Joensson of the Stockholm Visitors Board told AFP, adding though that "it's not empty either".

Victoria, 32, will on Saturday marry her longtime boyfriend and former gym trainer Daniel Westling, 36, after a 15-month engagement.

"There was a rumour just when the wedding was announced last year that all hotels rooms were (already) filled. But there are still hotel rooms," Joensson said.

Speaking to Swedish radio, the director of the city's five star Hilton hotel said bookings were as on a normal June weekend, with Victoria's big day reportedly drawing fewer visitors than the Stockholm Marathon.

Swedish rail company SJ said it had planned three so-called special "wedding trains" leaving on Saturday from different parts of the country to bring visitors to the capital in time for the celebrations.

But two of the trains were cancelled due to a lack of interest, with only the train carrying royal watchers from Sweden's second largest city Gothenburg maintained.

According to media reports, besides the royal families in neighbouring Norway and Denmark, Victoria's wedding has also failed to draw crowds of European royals.

Britain's Prince William for instance is snubbing the wedding to travel to South Africa to watch the football World Cup, and the British royal family will only be represented by Prince Edward, the queen's youngest son, the Dagens Nyheter daily said.