Obituary: Wally Whyton

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I cannot speak for Ollie Beak, but to suggest that Wally Whyton was the creator of the television favourite Pussy Cat Willum is highly misleading, writes W. A. Nicholas [further to the obituary by Tony Byworth, 24 January].

This enormously popular puppet was devised, created, characterised, manipulated and voiced by the late Janet Nicholls. The only thing she did not do was construct it. The puppet's success, which led on to other creations, was preponderantly her success.

I collaborated with Janet Nicholls and created the written spin-offs The Pussy Cat Willum Book, The Pussy Cat Willum Diary and a photo- montage verse-strip which appeared in a long-defunct national tabloid. The character-name copyright is attributed to "Janet Nicholls 1962".