October 16 agenda: the Neues Museum in Berlin reopens

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This Friday's selection: the Neues museum reopens after 70 years in Berlin, the venerable New Yorker magazine holds its annual Arts Festival in New York City, a new Edward Munch expo opens in Austria, and more.

Reopening of the Neues Museum
Special opening hours: October 16-18

Rebuilt and extended by British architect David Chipperfield, Berlin's New (Neues in German) Museum reopens after being closed for the past 70 years. The world-famous bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti is a major draw among the museum's Egyptian, Prehistory and Early History collections. The completion of this museum means that all five museums on Berlin's Museum Island are now open.


Edward Munch and the Uncanny
October 16-January 18

The Leopold Museum focuses on the uncanny in the works of Edward Much, highlighting the gothic movement that emerged in England in 1800, French and German symbolism alongside 30 works of the Norwegian artist. The expo alos includes paintings by Ensor, Schiele or Kubin and many other artists from the turn of the 20th century.


New Yorker's Festival of the Arts
October 16-18
New York City/USA

The venerable magazine, the New Yorker, produces its 10th annual festival of the arts, highlighting contemporary culture, politics, music, and literature. The two-day event features readings by bestselling novelists Salman Rushdie, Junot Diaz, E. Annie Proulx, a television panel covering the Emmy-winning series Mad Men, a session with pop sociologist Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink and The Tipping Point, among various other excursions, talks, screenings and workshops.


Bioneers Conference
October 16-18
San Rafael, California/USA

Celebrating its the 20th anniversary, the Bioneers Conference, an environmental, social and scientific gathering with seminars, courses, and speakers, will cover environmental topics from the future of architecture to clean energy, reforestation to rehydration. The programs, with keynote speakers, will be transmitted to more than 18 locations across the US, from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Portland, Maine.


Trompe l'oeil from Antiquity ‘till the Present
October 16-January 24

Over 200 works of art from ancient Greco-Roman times to present day - including paintings, sculptures, furniture, objects and models - feature in an expo that delves into the world of optical illusions and artwork trickery involved in the history of trompe-l'oeil.