October 22 agenda: "Frank Lloyd Wright" exhibition at Bilbao Guggenheim

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Thursday's selection: an international contemporary art fair in Paris, the Guggenheim's next expo on American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Spain, the international launch of Microsoft's Windows 7, and more.

Paris International Contemporary Art Fair
October 22-25

The 36th edition of the FIAC (International Contemporary Art Fair) is taking place between October 22 and 25 in the Grand Palais and in the Cour Carrée of the Louvre in Paris. 180 galleries and 3,500 artists from 21 countries are expected this year to the biggest contemporary art fair in France.

"Frank Lloyd Wright" exhibition
October 22-February 14

This exhibition tackles the significance of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright's (1867-1959) thinking about space and the large impact this has had on the organization of modern life, through a wide range of media. The exhibition includes over 200 original drawings, historic and newly commissioned models, historic and contemporary photographs, as well as through related books, periodicals, and correspondence.


Windows 7 launched
October 22

US software giant Microsoft will release its newest Operating System Windows 7, replacing the much criticized Windows Vista, released less than three years ago.


Viennale : Vienna International Film Festival
October 22 - November 4

The 47th edition of the Vienna International Film Festival presents over 300 feature films, documentaries and short film, including a majority of international first-screenings. This year's festival pays homage to British actress Tilda Swinton, Oscar-winner in 2008 for her performance in Michael Clayton.