Olympic mittens a big hit in Canada

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Officials for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games have been taken aback by the popularity of some of the Olympic-related apparel that's been on sale. Mittens in particular have been a big winter hit, with an estimated 1 in 34 Canadians now owning a pair of the $10 handwarmers ($9.4 USD / €6.5).

Average December temperatures in Canada range from just above freezing point right down to -25°c, so it's no wonder that the finger-snuggling items have taken off so well.

Though the red and white mittens are adorned with the Olympic five-ring logo over the back of each hand, the palms sport a patriotic Canadian white maple leaf design and as such may not be suitable for international appreciation.

Like other recession-friendly purchases, the gloves' inexpensive nature won't have harmed their popularity, though it is not known how many of those 1-million-plus new owners will have to wait until Christmas Day to wear them for the first time.

Profits from the special mittens are put back into Canada's bid for Winter Olympic glory, as proceeds are funnelled into an equipment and training fund for the country's athletes.

Website: http://www.vancouver2010.com/redmittens