Organizers call for common sense before World Expo

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With more than 100 million visitors expected to drop by over the six-month run of Shanghai's World Expo, organizers are stating the obvious when they tell people to come prepared.

First of all, book your tickets early. There are around 20 overseas ticket sellers licensed to serve the May 1 to October 31 Expo - and the list can be found on the event's official website (

Or overseas visitors can make like the locals and go through the four appointed sellers in China - China Mobile Communications Corporation (; China Telecom (; Bank of Communications (; and China Post (

Tickets have been divided into individual and group categories, and will cover two types of specific days. Peak Days refer to the dates from May 1-3, 2010, October 1-7, 2010 and October 25-31 - linked to the opening of the event and China's main public holidays - while Standard Days refer to the rest of World Expo (167 days). Ticket prices are now set between 150 yuan (16 euros) for single admission on a Standard Day to 190 yuan (21 euros) for single day admission on a Peak Day.

Once on the ground in Shanghai, you'll find private vehicles will not be allowed anywhere near the Expo site, which borders both sides of the Huangpu River.

The city has spent some 300 billion yuan (33 billion euros) on upgrading its public transport and other Expo related infrastructure - and they want you to use it.

So visitors to Expo can access the site by three ways - the Metro, by bus, or by river taxi or cruiser. Metro lines 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 run past the site while line 13 will run a trunk line through the site.

Shanghai also will have around 4,000 taxis operating - and has introduced a special number (96822) for vehicles especially servicing the Expo.

And once you get to the gates, expect a wait - it will be impossible to shift the number of people expected through the security checks in anything under the estimated 15 minutes. But organizers are suggesting that visitors can make life a little easier for everyone. Leave any beverages - or umbrellas - behind.