POP MUSIC / The Grammys: The pop stars were revolting during America's 36th annual music awards this week

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BONO swore, Billy Joel came over all satirical and Frank Sinatra was cut off in his prime at the more than averagely eventful Grammy Awards ceremony in New York on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Whitney Houston (above) and Sting made off with most of the trophies - Sting winning Best Male Vocal and two further awards for his Ten Summoner's Tales album, and Houston taking Best Female Vocal and Record of the Year for the interminable 'I Will Always Love You'. The song comes from the soundtrack to The Bodyguard, Album of the Year, which has now sold 11 million copies - up to Saturday Night Fever standards.

Bono managed to use the F-word while accepting Best Alternative Album, awarded to U2's Zooropa. 'I'd like to give a message to the young people of America,' he told the live television audience. 'We shall continue to abuse our position and fuck up the mainstream.' But like a good boy, he apologised afterwards.

An infinitely more imaginative rebellion was staged by Billy Joel, who brought to a halt his performance of the song 'River of Dreams', muttered 'Valuable advertising time going by, valuable advertising time going by, dollars, dollars, dollars,' smiled, and then resumed playing.

Sinatra, given the Grammy Living Legend Award, was still mid-acceptance speech when the television broadcast went to a commercial break. But at least this enabled the show's host, the comedian Gary Shandling, to steal Gag of the Night: 'I just got off the phone with Lorena Bobbitt and she said 'I wouldn't cut off Frank Sinatra.' '

The singer Toni Braxton won Best Newcomer, Tony Bennett beat Barbra Streisand for the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance and Alan Menken and Tim Rice's 'A Whole New World', the theme from Disney's Aladdin, was Song of the Year.

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