POP / Riffs: Judy Cheeks on Aretha Franklin

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'Even if you're not religious, this album Amazing Grace will speak to you, everyone should own a copy. It was recorded live in James Cleveland's Cornerstone Baptist Church in LA - he produced it and sings on it a bit. The track's typical Aretha, she combines it with another hymn 'Give Yourself To Jesus', and while the choir are singing sweet harmonies, she's ad-libbing on top, things like 'You don't have much time. . . ', things that drive you absolutely crazy if you're a living human being. There's organ, piano, a rhythm section, but as the vibe of the album grows so do the tambourines and handclaps. She strays from the original melody, and when she reaches the top she screams, but it's controlled by the spirituality - she screams in tune] All this above the 30 or 40 strong voices of the choir - and these are no wimps. It ends with the congregation going wild in response.'

'God Will Take Care of You' is available on the album 'Amazing Grace' (Atlantic 7567813242)

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