Popular sporting trends of the week: Cycling, extreme sports, and the Winter Olympics

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The week's top five most popular sporting trends on March 10 according to Trendhunter.com include: a weird and wonderful array of concept bicycles, a collection of extreme sports activities, and photographs that celebrate a recent Winter Olympic gold medalist and entrants at the 2010 Winter Paralympics.

1. 41 Eccentric Bicycles
Familiar elements of bicycle design are brought together in new ways by concept designers, as all manner of wheel sizes, traction mechanisms, and construction materials are considered to make cycling trendy, comfortable, and eco-friendly. There are also several low-end and high-end customized models thrown in to the mix.

2. Flaming Medalist Shoots
Celebrated fashion photographer Terry Richardson takes up his position both behind and in front of the camera with snowboarder and Winter Olympic gold medalist Shaun White, as snowboards are burnt and imaginary guitars are played for the benefit of Rolling Stone magazine.

3. 45 Badass Extreme Sports
A collection of ramped-up, adrenaline-fuelled sports including jet-powered kayaking, paragliding on skis, tightrope walking, new surfboard/jetski hybrids, and waterskiing that replaces motorboats with sharks and skis with surfboards or kayaks.

4. Stirring Paralympics Ads
A selection of images taken from BDBO's advertising campaign for the Vancouver Winter Paralympics that will feature top-class athletes from around the world and take place March 12-21.

5. Classy Cyclist Couture
A new collection that combines the durable and breathable qualities of a cyclist's sports clothing with the modern casual look.