Production company's new lineup suggests reality TV has 'run its course'

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According to Fremantle Corp., the parent company of television shows such as American Idol and America's Got Talent, the company is now focusing on dramas, suspense shows and programming with a longer shelf life than reality TV fare.

Fremantle is pursuing international co-productions to offset the higher production costs that come with such content in comparison to reality shows.

Currently in the works is an action series co-produced with Italian partner DeAngelis Production & Distribution, including a western series to be shot in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

Another series it plans to co-produce is The Further Adventures of Black Beauty with Australian partner Avoca Media Holdings PTY, to be shot in Australia.

Fremantle will also co-produce episodes of a new cartoon series called Fang Force, with the UK's Strict Machine, about a family of vampires fighting villains.

The success of its Canadian police series, Flashpoint, on American network CBS-TV, can be seen as an indication of the shift in direction of the current market; Irv Holender, a Fremantle principal, told entertainment trade publication the Hollywood Reporter, that reality-based TV appears to have "run its course."

Fremantle also produces and distributes game shows, such as The Price Is Right.