Replica of Berlin Wall built in central Belgrade

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A German artist has constructed a cardboard replica of the Berlin Wall in the center of Belgrade to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Cold War barrier.

"I tried to copy the political situation 20 years ago in Berlin," Frank Botler told AFP on Monday standing next to the three-meter (9.8-feet) high and 14-meter (46-feet) long construction at Belgrade's central Republic Square.

"Because of the last war that took place in the Balkans, I think that Belgrade is the right place" to build the wall, he said, referring to the 1990s wars that followed the break-up of Yugoslavia.

"The message of the wall is actually a question to the people: 'Do you have any walls in your mind?'," he said.

Passersby are invited to write a message or paint graffitis on the cardboard wall before its symbolic removal on November 9, the day when the wall in Berlin was breached 20 years ago.