Review: The Tunnel, Sky Atlantic


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What is it? The Anglo-French re-make of the Scandinavian crime series, The Bridge. It stars Clémence Poésy as a French cop and Stephen Dillane as a British bobby, investigating a body found in the Channel Tunnel.

The Independent says: “[Dillane and Poésy] stuck closely to the original characterisation. She’s socially awkward, but efficient; he’s good-humoured … Should you bother watching The Tunnel even if you’ve already seen the original? The early signs are good. The makers obviously have sense enough to preserve what was effective about the original, and invention enough to distinguish their work too.”

They say: Metro: “what’s surprising about The Tunnel is that it’s less a version of, more a faithful re-make … And the odd thing? It scarcely matters.”

Den of Geek: “The chemistry between Dillane and Poésy comes together really well … a good job because if The Tunnel is going to follow The Bridge as closely as this episode indicates it will, then the relationship … will be one of the bedrocks of the show.”

You say: “@vidalmonty: “load of crap. What a let down”

@MattNotCaroline: “How incredible was The Tunnel tonight? #TheNewBroadchurch”

Details: Sky Atlantic, Wednesdays; catch up at Sky On Demand