Riffs: Rozalla admires 'Here And Now' by Luther Vandross

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THIS is a beautiful romantic ballad, it's no chat-up song. The way Luther sings it is strong yet also very soft and romantic. He's singing to a woman with whom he's obviously been going out for some time, and he's saying how much he loves her. Imagine someone saying to you: 'I look in your eyes and there I see, / What happiness really means to me, / I vow to be one with thee . . .' I don't think most romances now know the meaning of the words faith and honesty. I think people who say Luther is bland are getting confused with themselves. He sings: 'Here in my heart I believe, / Your love is all I'll ever need.' In any romance you have to refresh each other's memory that you love each other. He has a flawless delivery - most singers miss the odd note in a live performance, but he has incredible control of pitch and timing, and he can build up a single note from low down so it sounds like an aeroplane taking off. It's a strong male vocal, with lots of sex.

Available on 'The Best Of Luther Vandross' (Epic CD4658012)

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