Singapore targets consumers with optimism

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Singapore has unveiled a new global tourism platform, promising to create an experience centered around its visitors.

The country unveiled YourSingapore March 5, a new national tourism branding with the website at the center of the activity. The website allows visitors to view activities before planning and sharing their itinerary with others, merging a social-media based approach with Singapore-oriented content provided by events, companies and bloggers.

"[YourSingapore] underpins Singapore's strengths as a destination, that is, an experience which can be easily personalised thanks to the concentration of sights, sounds, tastes, culture and attractions coupled with unparalleled user-centricity," says the Singapore Tourist Board.

"It delivers on Singapore's promise to provide a concentration of multi-faceted and user-centric travel experiences."

Singapore says that YourSingapore will help the country to differentiate itself from other effective tourism campaigns such as Definitely Dubai, Malaysia Truly Asia and Incredible India.

It has forecasted a record-beating 11.5 - 12.5 million visitor arrivals during 2010, driven by the arrival of two integrated resorts (gaming/amusement parks) during the year. Universal Studios, the final part of Resorts World Sentosa, is set to open March 18 to complete the first of these resorts.