Six gruelling endurance races in scenic northeast USA

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The Peak 100 is a listing of the 100 toughest races in the world. Four of those are centered around an innocuous farm smack in the middle of the wooded Green Mountains, northeastern USA.

The Peak Snowshoe Marathon, the Peak Ultra and the formidable Death Race all feature in the overall Peak 100, offering physical and mental sporting hardship to those who feel that conventional triathlons and mountain bike competitions aren't testing enough.

Amee Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont, also hosts the Warman Road Ride which takes in six mountain passes on its twisting, circuitous route, and the six-hour Vermont Endurance Challenge for mountain bikers. Race organizers were also so fond of the 150-mile (240 km) McNaughton Trail Run in Illinois that they recreated it in Vermont, upping the available race distances to 200 miles (320 km) and even 500 miles (800 km).

Other endurance races that appear in the Peak 100 are the #1 placed Tour de France, the Tour D'Afrique cycling challenge, the 50-hour long Odyssey Endorphin Fix in Hinton, West Virginia, and the Brazilian Jungle Marathon.

Peak Snowshoe Challenge
March 6
10-hour time limited marathon and half marathon races conducted in wintry conditions.

McNaughton Park Trail Run
May 6-9
Footraces of 30, 100, 150, 200 and 500 mile lengths (48km, 160km, 240km, 320km, and 800km).

Peak Ultra Challenge
June 5
A 53-mile (85km) footrace incorporating a total ascent of 13,122 ft (4,000m).

The Death Race
June 26
Participants complete a 3-word waiver before the 24hr task-based race: "I might die."

The Warman Road Ride Century Plus
July 17
Mountain bike route that winds through through six of the Green Mountain passes.

Vermont 30 Mile MTB 666 Endurance Challenge
August 22
A six-hour mixed terrain mountain bike race with a King Of The Hill sub-section.