Six Nations' Grand Slam and other trophies still up for grabs

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Six nations compete in a 15-match, five-weekend tournament of top-level European rugby. As well as the championship trophy itself, there are several other annual titles to be won, upping the ante between national teams. For those with limited viewing time, or enough funds to spare for tickets to just one match, these are the ones to pick from for an electric atmosphere.

England, Ireland, and Scotland all have special trophies awarded to the winners of their fiercely contested matches - the Millennium Trophy (England vs Ireland, February 27), the Calcutta Cup (England vs Scotland, March 13), and the Centenary Quaich (Ireland vs Scotland, March 20).

After losing to England in their opening match, Wales are out of the running for the Triple Crown, attained only by beating each of the other three Home Nations.

France and Italy also have their own inter-national trophy, the Guiseppe Garibaldi Trophy, up for grabs when they meet on March 14.

Of course, the ultimate in bragging rights comes from achieving a Grand Slam - beating all five opponents. After the first weekend's action, England, France and last year's champions Ireland were all in with a chance.

English pin-up and star player Jonny Wilkinson was the leading points scorer after providing more than half of his side's tally against Wales.

Week 2 matches: Wales vs Scotland, Saturday February 13. France vs Ireland, Saturday February 13. Italy vs England, Sunday February 14.
Week 3 matches: Wales vs France, Saturday February 26. Italy vs Scotland, Sunday February 27. England vs Ireland, Sunday February 27.

Tickets: Available from each host nation Union, linked to from the Six Nations website's Championship Info section.